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Special Message For Our Customers During Covid-19

Greetings everyone.  We hope you are safe and sound.

Two Options for Sailing: "Bareboat" for Experienced Renters and Captained Charters


OPTION 1 - Bareboat

We have started offering "bareboat" charters.  This means we can rent our boat to you if you have an experienced sailor in your crew. 

How Bareboat Charters Work:

  1. If you are an experienced sailor we may be able to rent our boat to you

  2. You would fill out a sailors resume to meet our insurance requirements and to ensure you know enough sailing to safely sail the boat.

  3. If you are an experienced sailor with significant time on large keelboats and want to do a bareboat charter, please contact us by email (

OPTION 2 - Limited Schedule Captained Charters. Check our schedule here.

Fair Winds,

Steve Ward

Owner, sailATX, LLC

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